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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Beading It

I've been keeping a journal writing blog, but just lately my heart hasn't been in it. I am mad keen on creating jewellery out of beads, and just about anything else, so I figured I really should share my passion with a blog. It's second nature for me now to take my passions and share them with the world. I'm not really sure what's been holding me back.

Since losing my paid position writing about journal writing I've been floundering with what I want to write, online, at least. I do still keep a journal. It's something that is very much a part of me. I will continue to share journal writing with my blog - As I Write It. But there is so much more to me than just writing. As if that wasn't enough.

I also enjoy beading. I love wire work, seed beads, polymer clay and just lately resin. I love a creative challenge and will share these with you. The image shown is my entry into a beading competition with the, which host regular contests, if you're interested. The theme for this one was Steampunk Alice. My piece is called Alice in a Steampunk Garden.

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