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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sharilyn Miller Earrings

I sat down last night to make a pair of earrings for a birthday for a friend. I'd been invited and told that Maria's birthday was today, so I made this pair of earrings with her in mind. Wire Art jewelry by Sharilyn Miller is just a gorgeous book to look at. I love how the first half is just how to make the various components. The next half is specific projects using those components. These are directly out of that book. I picked up a requested  copy from my local library just yesterday. But, when I got there it turns out the birthday girl was unwell and couldn't make it. Also, that I had the wrong Maria. I had to laugh. What gave it away was when I showed these earrings to the other girls. I described them as "really Maria." They all laughed and realised I had the wrong end of the stick. So, these earrings are called Maria, but I may still give them to the Maria in mind. I'll have to see how difficult it is to give them away.

I made the other pair just for fun.