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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Beading Babes Project 7 Reveal

I've been busy beading away at several projects for the Beading Babes Facebook group. There were four choices this time. I worked on three of them. First I made the Enchanted Rivoli Earrings by Csilla Csirmaz. I went with these colours because of the choice of size 9 seed beads I could get my hands on and the possible matching rivoli crystals I already had in my stash. I spent the least on these earrings simply because I have loads of purple beads in said stash. Below is my version of the pattern. I loved making these and am considering making a pair without the rivoli, perhaps dangling a drop and letting the herringbone weave rope hang in more of an oval. These were super quick to make, too. I've worn them almost every day since finishing them.

The next project I tackled was the Scalloped Pearl bracelet by Angelle Procopio. This was fun and easy to make, so much so I made two, although I didn't end up finding any suitable clasps in my stash. The bracelets are pictured below. I have clasps on the way, so I'll share the bracelets again once they're complete. So, yes. those are the threads I haven't sewn in yet you can see in the photo. 

I loved the look of the roller Beads necklace by Cathy Lampole, but with summer on the horizon here in Australia decided to go with a fresher look. The Swarovski crystals and pearls were on special at Fusion Beads, so I managed to get a good deal. The roller beads are really easy to make, so a beginner would really enjoy making them. I ran out of seed beads for the rope necklace, but managed to get more from Cranberry. But with some family problems having to take top billing around here I didn't manage to complete the necklace, either. But it's not far off finished. This will also need a clasp. I'm planning on a silver one already in my stash. The unfinished necklace is pictured below.

I hope you enjoy checking out what I did with the given projects. I'm keen to see what the others in the group have created on their blogs. I'm also looking forward to the next round of beading coming up in project 8. Perhaps you could join in, too. 



  1. Those are all just beautiful. The colors you chose for Roller Beads are just so calming. I really love the earrings, though. The purple with the hint of blue is a great combination.

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  3. These are beautiful! Just amazing!

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