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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Beading Babes Project 7 Reveal

I've been busy beading away at several projects for the Beading Babes Facebook group. There were four choices this time. I worked on three of them. First I made the Enchanted Rivoli Earrings by Csilla Csirmaz. I went with these colours because of the choice of size 9 seed beads I could get my hands on and the possible matching rivoli crystals I already had in my stash. I spent the least on these earrings simply because I have loads of purple beads in said stash. Below is my version of the pattern. I loved making these and am considering making a pair without the rivoli, perhaps dangling a drop and letting the herringbone weave rope hang in more of an oval. These were super quick to make, too. I've worn them almost every day since finishing them.

The next project I tackled was the Scalloped Pearl bracelet by Angelle Procopio. This was fun and easy to make, so much so I made two, although I didn't end up finding any suitable clasps in my stash. The bracelets are pictured below. I have clasps on the way, so I'll share the bracelets again once they're complete. So, yes. those are the threads I haven't sewn in yet you can see in the photo. 

I loved the look of the roller Beads necklace by Cathy Lampole, but with summer on the horizon here in Australia decided to go with a fresher look. The Swarovski crystals and pearls were on special at Fusion Beads, so I managed to get a good deal. The roller beads are really easy to make, so a beginner would really enjoy making them. I ran out of seed beads for the rope necklace, but managed to get more from Cranberry. But with some family problems having to take top billing around here I didn't manage to complete the necklace, either. But it's not far off finished. This will also need a clasp. I'm planning on a silver one already in my stash. The unfinished necklace is pictured below.

I hope you enjoy checking out what I did with the given projects. I'm keen to see what the others in the group have created on their blogs. I'm also looking forward to the next round of beading coming up in project 8. Perhaps you could join in, too. 


Monday, November 12, 2012

Designer Quest #25

While I haven't been blogging much I have been beading much. Ok, bad grammar, I know, but I have been keeping busy with one thing and another. One of my favourite beading challenges is the Australian Beading Forum's Designer Quest. This most recent one was sponsored by Chicky Babes, with two gorgeous packs to choose from. Of course, I chose the tanzanite and gunmetal one. Here's what I made, in the photos below. I only added a little and used everything, but about half of the seed beads. I love the vintage flavour this has.


Necklace with earrings

And a not so great shot of me wearing the design.


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Beading Babes Project 6

Since joining the Beading Babes group I've participated in two of the group projects. This time I selected the Josephine Collar by Jill Devon and the soutache earrings by Amee McNamara. I've shown them both below. I couldn't find any ribbon I liked for the necklace, so went with the chain. I am going to use a chunkier chain when I've found or made a bigger toggle or clasp. Otherwise, it looks pretty good. I used fuchsia and gunmetal. I also omitted the dangles as they didn't appeal to me. I adored the little taste of the soutache technique with the earrings, so will be making more with this idea at some point.

Josephine Collar

Soutache Earrings


Saturday, September 15, 2012

Embracing the Fire

I've been meaning to share this piece since I was able to reveal it, but life has conspired to keep me too busy. Anyway, I created this piece for the Fire & Ice challenge on the Australian Beading Forum. Although, my design was not a winner in the challenge I'm still totally thrilled with how it turned out. I hope you enjoy seeing it, too.

Embracing the Fire
Embracing the Fire

Close up of removable cuff
Close up Cuff

Ice side of cuff
Close up Cuff White Side

Fire side of cuff
Close Up Cuff Orange Side

How it looks on me
Embracing the Fire On Me


Saturday, August 25, 2012

Bead Soup 6 Reveal Third Group

The reveal day is finally here. My bead soup has been transformed into a necklace and an unfinished pair of earrings. The only reason the earrings aren't finished is simply that I used up all my jumprings and haven't been able to get to the bead shop. I'm not 100% certain I won't add more beads or some copper balls to them, anyway, or even a dangle, perhaps. I was left with only one of the gorgeous roses, a 4mm Czech bead and two of the darker glass pearls. I still have the other two clasps, because my generous bead soup swap partner sent me a choice of three to use in my design.

Don't forget to take a look at what Éva Kovács made. Wow, I just went and visited her blog and am totally impressed.

Join in the blog party by visiting the other blogs and get some eye candy into you. Hostess Lori Anderson has the list here. Be sure to scroll down to the third list of participants.


Saturday, July 14, 2012

My Bead Soup From Hungary

I felt so spoilt when the package arrived the other day containing the bead soup from my lovely partner in Hungary. I adore the colour combination and haven't been able to stop thinking about what I want to do with these beads. Anyway, below there is also the unedited version of what I sent to Eva, but you can also view it at her World of Pearls.


Monday, July 2, 2012

Bead Soup Sent

Well, after one of those series of days where everything that could go wrong went wrong, I finally got my bead soup sent off to my swap partner yesterday. I've been mucking around with my photo editing software to disguise the look of the soup I've sent so I could give a tease of what my soup looks like. There was one that let you swirl the image, but I couldn't find that. Instead I went with this and hope it's tease enough without revealing too much to my lovely swap partner Éva Kovács


Monday, June 25, 2012

6th Bead Soup Blog Party

Yeah, I've decided to join in the 6th  Bead Soup Blog Party. I had so much fun last time, I simply wanted to play again. The exciting part is my partner Éva Kovács. Check out her blog EWA World of Pearls, at least that's how it translates as Éva lives in Hungary. I'm looking forward to gathering some soup for Éva to create something fun with. I'm looking forward to what she sends me, too. I'm especially interested to see how long it will take our packages to arrive.  


Saturday, June 23, 2012

Beading Babes Project 5

I've been quiet as far as my blog goes, but I have been busy beading. I recently joined the Beading Babes, and online beading group. I've made the two projects for this round. Both are by designer Helena Tang-Lim and both incredibly easy to make. 

As always the most time consuming part of any project is locating the necessary pieces and choosing the colours. I found some coin shaped beads at Yashmacreations.
My first choice were perhaps a tad smaller than the pattern suggested, but turned out to 
be a little more difficult to find tila beads I was happy to pair them with. So they're sitting awaiting another
project for now. Anyway, I've really happy with how my necklace turned out - below.

The other piece was an easy and fast project to make up. I love how satisfying that was. It really does tempt me to make it in many other colours. Here's the image of my version of the Four Leaf Clover Cuff - below.

I hope you enjoy viewing these pieces. Please take the time to look at the other pieces created by the other Beading Babes.


Monday, May 21, 2012

Designer Quest #24

When the pack of beads for the Australian Beading Forum's Designer Quest arrived I swooned at the beauty of the gorgeous Czech beads with a slight twist. I had several weeks to come up with a design, but some of my ideas just weren't working. I let the beads sit on the bead mat and just glanced at them every day for a couple of weeks. Eventually, I design idea gelled and I sat and worked the first of the purple Czech beads. I had to play with the right combination of colours, but struck on the final choice as a winner.

I made all eight components and thought about how to achieve what I had in my mind, but that was also a trial and error process of different ideas that worked, but not for this design. I finally settled on the firepolish Czech beads in between each of the components and made the already decided St Petersburg chain for the rest of the necklace.

I'm really pleased with this design. I wore it on Sunday and had several great comments on the piece. Anyway, here it is. I hope you enjoy viewing the finished product. The beads are all from Cranberry.


Monday, March 12, 2012

Michelle Mach's Suddenly Spring Blog Hop

It's always so much fun to push yourself with challenges. This one, another by Michelle Mach, was a reasonably simple challenge. Take this bracelet (pictured below):

and create something with it. The idea is that it could be anything. I had the urge to put copper with the aqua coloured beads and decided to keep things classic after letting go a few of my wilder ideas. The photo below shows the finished necklace and matching earrings. I used herringbone weave in graduating seed beads, some hex ones thrown in for a bit of texture and feel the finished product is pleasing on the eye. The design can be worn with the toggle at front or back, for a different look.

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Monday, January 30, 2012

December/January Andrew Thornton Reader Challenge

I've been terribly busy over this last month. Having mum spring a surprise trip for my family to come over and stay for almost two weeks kind of threw any creative plans I had for challenges and jewellery making. Not that I minded. I think I really needed a holiday. But when I realised Andrew Thornton was going to do his reveal soon I pulled out my jonquil kit and worked like a mad thing. I couldn't do any on it last night, but took photos of what I had done, in three nights of work, mind you, and I think it's come together pretty well. I'm not currently on his list of bloggers, but will contact him to add me, or just leave a message in the comments for those who want to see this piece, too. I'm eager to go see what everyone else did with their kit, too.

I hope you can envisage what this piece will be. I've yet to add the beads to the other side and sew in the loose ends. I'm going to attach the chain with jump rings on one side and a toggle to the other. I am not a huge fan of this colour, yet I love the earthy feel the beads gave, so felt a free form peyote base was what they needed. I hope you agree.

The unfinished necklace:

Close up detail:

And here are the other bloggers:

Alice Bavaud will have pieces on Andrew Thornton's blog