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Monday, January 30, 2012

December/January Andrew Thornton Reader Challenge

I've been terribly busy over this last month. Having mum spring a surprise trip for my family to come over and stay for almost two weeks kind of threw any creative plans I had for challenges and jewellery making. Not that I minded. I think I really needed a holiday. But when I realised Andrew Thornton was going to do his reveal soon I pulled out my jonquil kit and worked like a mad thing. I couldn't do any on it last night, but took photos of what I had done, in three nights of work, mind you, and I think it's come together pretty well. I'm not currently on his list of bloggers, but will contact him to add me, or just leave a message in the comments for those who want to see this piece, too. I'm eager to go see what everyone else did with their kit, too.

I hope you can envisage what this piece will be. I've yet to add the beads to the other side and sew in the loose ends. I'm going to attach the chain with jump rings on one side and a toggle to the other. I am not a huge fan of this colour, yet I love the earthy feel the beads gave, so felt a free form peyote base was what they needed. I hope you agree.

The unfinished necklace:

Close up detail:

And here are the other bloggers:

Alice Bavaud will have pieces on Andrew Thornton's blog