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Friday, July 16, 2010

I'm a Rings 'n' Things Blog Partner

Ok, I think I may have finally worked out how to do this. I think I spent ages trying to remember how to link to an image. What the heck is the matter with me? I gather it had more to do with it being school holidays. Not only do I have hubby here chatting away to me, but the little guy also wanting to be with me. Which is all fine, but when it comes to concentrating I find it difficult to divide myself up like that.

On top of that my daughter has also been unwell and is home, too. It's a wonder anything gets done around here. I am certain I finally have it worked out, but will need to post this message first to test it out. Anyway, here's some more of my beading to look at, even if it isn't all that recent. It's still from this year, though.

I made this one from the December 2009 Bead & Button magazine. I loved the cover design, but was simply curious how it was done. I didn't want an entire piece done this way, so I just worked on five segments, and worked the rope in St Petersburg stitch.

So, it appears I am finally, a Rings 'n' Things blog partner. Here's hoping I get my hands on some goodies some time soon. You can join in the fun, too, by becoming a blog partner yourself.


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