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Monday, August 15, 2011

Bead Soup Blog Party

So, it's been pretty crazy around here. I had my mother visiting, which was wonderful, but nothing much got done as far as beading goes. But, my part in the Bead Soup Blog Party was completed today in a bit of a rush. The wind is high outside, but I braved it for the 30 minute walk to the post office. My car is the workshop today.  The little sprinkle of rain didn't bother me, but the wind pushed me along and made my trip much quicker I think.

I've packaged up my little offering and have sent it off to Germany. I sure hope my swap partner is happy and inspired by her little package of beads. I'm eager to see what is heading my way, too. My partner, Doris, has a cool blog Doralila Beads that I had to use the translate option to read. But even if you can't translate her blog the pictures tell you enough. Doris creates gorgeous lampwork beads, definitely worth drooling over. So make sure you check out what she's up to over there. I'll post a teaser later of the beads & pieces I've sent to Doris.

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  1. Doris makes beautiful beads - I own some of her beads and they are wonderful - congrats to your partner!

  2. Thanks. I am really looking forward to seeing what my partner has sent. ;-)